by SwimmerJoe

Joe was always runnin’. Running here, runnin’ there, looking for that secret way, that elusive path to supreme greatness. Searching over and over, places he has been and others he hasn’t. Just searching.

He always felt so good; that anything was possible. He was always on cruise control, but continually dialed for maximum speed. But where was it? The dream, I mean? The inescapable dream he was running for?

As the sky grew dark, Joe was wide open on the long road, with pedal down going hard as he could. Searching for his dream-runnin’ down his dream. Pickin’ the extended journey on the lonely road, takin’ whatever was there.

Joe was a runnin’ man, surely was. A body of mercury fluid was in his near future, several nervous days in fact. There’s something good waitin’ down this road. Don’t know what he’ll find, but he thought it would never come to him. Workin’ on his own mystery and goin’ wherever it leads.

Time to find, time to find the elusive dream. Felt so good, that anything was possible!

Runnin’ down a dream.

*Now go run down your own dream.*

Inspired by the Tom Petty song, Runnin’ Down a Dream

SwimmerJoe is Joe Auer, writer for and on twitter

photo credit: StuffEyeSee via photopin cc