Thoughts from Swimmerjoe

From a 26.5 second to a 27.8 second per 50 interval during and series of 10 pace 50’s and as the week progresses, it gets worse.  Why?  Will it ever get better?  Will the depression from going slower and the major pain from heavy, very rigorous dryland subside or hinder the ever changing balance of the swim group?

Aha, this has been going on for many, many years.  Many coaches and swimmers have gone through this, some have failed miserably, while some have excelled to heights never been seen before.

What the young athletes don’t understand is the training breaks them down to a point they don’t understand, they get frustrated and start to get bummed and extremely irritable.  What is happening?

Understand this: The peak of your training is probably at its peak, and its time to tuck in the back for a single practice if you can’t function.  Or just get through it.  Olympic athletes do and they don’t complain about it, they just struggle through it. Knowing that the big picture is them getting on the block and having the confidence that no one, I mean no one, has trained harder, been more tired, or suffered more than you is key.  So what happens?  Because of that broken down state and smash of physical and mental instabilities, your internal strength becomes powerful.  Very powerful.   Realize the big picture and that taper is very close.  If you can mentally get through it you will be better, plain and simple.

I grew up with many coaches and almost all of them were very tough with us (maybe you didn’t notice), but I think it is what has made me and my swimming friends I swam with insanely tough.  We are all tougher than nails, rise to any challenge and can probably get through almost anything.  Remember the swimmer that sailed through Navy Seal training?  He thought is was fun? Yeah, that’s what I am talking about.

So when you get beyond your realm of pain tolerance or you can’t believe these crazy practices, remember, coaches are building your foundation and inner mechanicals for a speedy, mentally tough athletic machine.  Get through it and enjoy the process, you’ll shine in the end.