Orange Peel in the Swimming Universe

Orange Peel in the Swimming Universe

by SwimmerJoe

Truth or Joeism

The orange peel is a super organic mesmerizic (That is a word in the Joe Dictionary) speed and health chunk of a secret that not many, if any, know about….until today!

The peel itself has many athletic benefits that my young athletes found out this morning while I was choking a few down.  Take for instance the few I mention below. Which ones are true and which are Joeisms?

The sniff of the fresh orange peel gives you a certain energetic “lift” over your competitors

The rub of “just peeled” piece of a fresh orange coated on the fingertips enhances the “feel of the water”, therefore giving you the most incredible edge

The placing of a quarter-sized piece of orange peel in your swim cap creates an extremely symbiotic experience for the chemical pathway of exchanging sweat and vitamin C to your system for a healthy boost to immunity

The squirt of a firmly bent piece of orange peel to the naked eye will swiftly increase you keen visual senses like a nocturnal game cat looking for his next meal

The ingestion of a super chunk piece of orange peel contains more than four times as much fiber as the fruit inside, and more tangeretin and nobiletin—flavonoids with anticancer, antidiabetic, and anti-inflammatory properties

The peeling of an orange in only one beautiful piece is great luck, you should keep it until it dries – and when it does and only then, you need to do something with that incredible luck.  Play lotto, or challenge your Great Dane to a wrestling match

The smiling with a huge orange peel wedge in your mouth just before your races gives you a super-human-like edge over your toughest competitors by psyching them out and making them barely finish their race

So if you want to be great at swimming or anything you do in your life, try the orange peel sniffs, rubs, placings, squirts, eating, peeling and smiling special offerings above.

You will not go wrong and all your friends will think you are absolutely crazy. Just don’t tell them your inner secrets or where you received these awesome, most confidential, yet proprietary stealthy tricks of the swimming trade.


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