Teaching age groupers some of the fast techniques that Olympians make look easy is often times a chore. However, what I do is make this drill a part of warmup, probably every third day or so. I have added a couple videos of my age groupers showing what we do. These athletes range from 10-14. You can talk and talk and blah, blah, blah, but just doing it has worked best. Want to have a fast turn?

Step 1
Swim any stroke for warmup and come into wall easy with two hands (have someone show the proper way originally)

Step 2
While both hands are on the the wall, tell them to bring knees to face easy (almost slo mo)

Step 3
Teach, “elbow your brother” (drop the elbow by your side underwater, use it for stability and turn speed)

Step 4
Look up directly at the sky, bring other arm (hand) to your ear and “call your mother.”

Step 5
Push off at about 45 degrees under the water and rotate on to your belly

So if you need a change up, try this drill out. It works well because the athletes aren’t real tired yet and they can concentrate on the form they are doing early on in the workout.  Enjoy. I’d love to hear how it works out for you!