By SwimmerJoe
October 8, 2013

I said this to a young athlete today: Do your legs like your arms?

I mean, why aren’t your big strong legs kicking to help your poor smaller appendages propel you faster? Don’t they like each other or are they in a fight? Are your legs being like Tom Sawyer and getting the arms to do all the work? How conniving!

Your poor struggling arms are pulling you all over the place, for what? A free ride? Come on, I think NOT! So don’t be mean to your arms; you need them! Get kicking now!

The swimmer was one of my 10-year-olds, and he just looked at me, confused.

So oftentimes young athletes get lazy and don’t engage their legs during workouts. This is a big mistake! Many times the practice doesn’t match what you do in a meet, therefore the swimmer fails in a meet or gets tired in doing what he is supposed to be correct – kicking, and kicking hard! The more you do it, the stronger and better you get at it. It’s that simple.

So the next time you think about it, kick and kick with meaning! Give your arms a little break! They will love your legs for it!
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photo credit: Mexicanwave via photopin cc