Believe in Your Swimming Coach!

 By SwimmerJoe
All Photos by Michael Lyn

“Hey man, can you believe coach? What are we doing? I want to have an awesome year and he chooses this year to try something different? Yea, I think everyone on the team feels that way, geez, what are we going to do?”

The answer? Nothing! Because you need to believe to achieve, that is for sure.

If you enter into any training season, and you have any doubt in your mind that something is not going to work, then you will have a huge obstacle in your training process for that season. Your mind needs to be 100% positive and so strong to be at your best.

Even if on the surface you say, “I will swim fast” it will always be in back of your mind, a place where you do not need to go. Don’t let doubt invade and simmer below the surface.


Your coach knows what he or she is doing.

There are many ways to swim fast, many ways to train to meet your highest ability. Something you may not know is that coaches talk about training with other coaches all the time – at meets, conventions, emails, swimming webinars on and on.

And, most coaches have also been there themselves, swimmers at a high level, and they have seen many scenarios for creating fast swimmers over their lifetime.

Remember, though, no coach has a magic bullet that will automatically make you swim fast. It takes hard work and countless hours of practice on your part for any coach’s program to pay off.

Just Train, Baby!

What should you do? Just train, baby! Give it everything you have, every time you touch the water, every dryland and weight room session, and even in all your visualization sessions.  What else?  Eat to train. Eat well throughout your season for your strength, your recovery, better long-lasting training and your great new attitude.


You need it for recovery and growth – period.  Get 8+ every night, you’ll thank me later.

So have no doubt swimmers, you are responsible for your own actions and best performance.  Your success depends on you and you alone – both mentally and physically!

Take care of your body, trust in your coach, train your tail off, eat like a champ, and sleep like a baby.