by SwimmerJoe

Many times athletes get in an area where they feel they aren’t improving like they should, or they are seeing others pass them by. Well, it could be a number of things. My dad always used to tell me, you have to do more than anyone else if you want to be the best. If you think about that for a second, it’s true. 

Let’s take swimming for this example.  The coach gives everyone a workout and the majority of the swimmers train hard and roughly swim the same throughout the different sets given. Did you take 2 extra kicks off of every wall?  Did you not breathe off of every wall until the 3rd stroke?  Are you fully concentrating on the drill given or just giving a half effort and resting until the next main set? How about sleeping more? Are you, and this is a big one, watching films, searching for tips, reading Splash magazine for the latest info on great athletes and being a student of your sport. I know what the answer there is. NOT MANY. Too bad, there is tons of stuff out there. There is no reason for mediocrity. If your coach isn’t paying attention to you, ask him or her questions, let them know your really care about your own improvement and share the desire for greatness. All of these things together will work. It may take time to form new habits, but it will work. Be patient, very patient.

So back to when I was a young athlete, after about the 5th or 6th time my dad kept telling me to do more than anyone else, I finally took action. More time in the weight room, concentrated more at practice, worked harder at my sport, watched other swimmers and athletes, learned how to be better at what I do.  Do you think Michael Jordan did more than everyone? How about Michael Phelps? Dara Torres? How about Lance Armstrong? Ever heard or Ryan Lochte?  Did you think these guys all just “tucked in” in practice (or out of the water) and maintained what everyone else was doing?  Easy answer.

Have a desire to be great and the will to work for great speed in and out of the water is what you need to do.

So do more than anyone else for a couple months, whether you are an athlete, or have personal goals, or in the work place.  It will work. Let me know how your life has changed for the better.