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    A Two Phrase Swimming Puzzle

    A Two Phrase Swimming Puzzle by SwimmerJoe Can you figure it out? Let us know!...

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    About Swim Practice

    About Swim Practice by SwimmerJoe Photo Michael Lyn Yep, I coach all types… The dedicated...

  • Believe in your swim coach - SwimISCA.com

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    Believe in Your Swim Coach

    Believe in Your Swimming Coach!  by SwimmerJoe body copy photos / Michael Lyn “Hey man,...

  • Do your legs like your arms? read more at swimmerjoe.com

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    Do Your Legs Like Your Arms?

    By SwimmerJoe October 8, 2013 I said this to a young athlete today: Do your...

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    Silly Swimmer

    My Phone

    by SwimmerJoe My phone is an appendage of me Knowledgable and sleek All knowing and...

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    Memory Lane

    Love For Lola

    by SwimmerJoe Cancer sucks! It sucks bad! Why in the Hell haven’t we figured out...

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    I Told a Swimmer This Last Week

    by SwimmerJoe I told a swimmer this last week – – “Greatness will come when the drive...

  • running down a dream -


    Runnin’ Down a Dream

    by SwimmerJoe Joe was always runnin’. Running here, runnin’ there, looking for that secret way,...

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    Are You Swimming Scared?

    by SwimmerJoe Now that you have qualified for the State Championships, you are either totally...

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    #NewMarathon to Clean Up NYC

    New York wisely cancelled the New York Marathon due to the damages and effects of...